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Leonor Varela is well known for her role as the Queen of the Nile in Hallmark's Cleopatra and as Nyssa in Blade II. Our site offers you all the latest news, media, images and more on the amazing actress. Check back often for all the latest news on Leonor. While here, check out the largest gallery on the web dedicated to Leonor. Thanks for visiting! --Admin

The gallery has been updated with a bunch of photos of Leonor from 2007 events that she attended.

Public Events > 2007

leonor (6) Chilean actress Varela arrives during the Tribeca Film Festival in New York

More Ripley advertisements have been added to the gallery.

Site Ads (2015)

The gallery has been updated with several new images from Leonor’s Ripley campaign.

I’ve added a bunch of photos from various events that Leonor attended during 2006.

I was able to find some stills and a few posters featuring Leonor from the film.

I was also able to find a few more from Cleopatra as well.

I found a new photo of Leonor on set of Cleopatra. It is now in the gallery for everyone to view.

Cleopatra (1999) > On Set


The gallery has a new theme and has been updated with new images.

New advertisements have been released from Ripley.